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  Grand Canyon

Located entirely in northern Arizona, Grand Canyon National  Park encompasses 277 miles of the Colorado River and adjacent uplands. One of the most spectacular examples of erosion anywhere in the world, Grand Canyon is unmatched in the incomparable vistas it offers to visitors on the rim.    The sheer majesty of its beauty has to be viewed to be believed.  To really appreciate it, the Grand Canyon has to be seen with your own eyes.  

While the Grand Canyon can be accessed from both the north and south, the North Rim is closed in the winter months because of the amount of snowfall.    

A world heritage site, the Grand Canyon averages 10 miles (16 kilometres) in width from rim to rim, with the greatest distance being about 18 miles (29 km), and the least about 5 miles (8 km).    Measured from the North Rim, its depth is slightly more than a mile, or about 5700 feet (1737 metres). 

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Grand Canyon Excursions is one of the few companies that offers shared tours to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. There are a number of reasons that we prefer the North Rim to the South.  

  • Cape Royal and Angel's Window, the most spectacular sight at either Rim, is located at the North Rim.

  • The North Rim is far less crowded.  Only about 10% of the Grand Canyon's total number of visitors goes to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

  • Visiting the North Rim makes accessing the great parks of southern Utah a lot more accessible.
  • It is much easier to get a last minute mule ride at the North Rim. 

The distance to the North Rim from Las Vegas is about 264 miles.  It will take about 5 hours to get there.


For additional information, or to make a booking, please call 1 800 724 7767, or (USA) 435 658 2227, or e-mail us

Our shared Grand Canyon tours do not go to the South Rim, but you're welcome to visit it on a custom tour.  The South Rim of the Grand Canyon attracts about ten times as many people as the North Rim.  It has an airport close by, so you can take a plane or helicopter ride over the Canyon.

In addition, the Grand Canyon Railway runs from the small western town of Williams to the Grand Canyon, and this is an unusual and interesting way to get to the Grand Canyon.  Your coach will meet you at the South Rim if you decide to take the train.  There is a popular cowboy shoot out at Williams prior to the departure of the train.

If you travel to the Grand Canyon on one of our vehicles, your first stop will be the Visitor Center and Mather Point.  After spending some time there, you will be taken to Bright Angel Lodge, where you will be on your own to explore, and take the free Parks Service shuttle around the part of the Grand Canyon which is closed to everything but Parks Service shuttles. 

The distance from Las Vegas to the South Rim is about 275 miles, and takes about 4 3/4 hours to get there, depending on what type of vehicle you're in.  Phoenix to the South Rim is about 230 miles, and will take about four hours to get there.     TOP

For additional information, or to make a booking, please call 1 800 724 7767, or (USA) 435 658 2227, or e-mail us



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